The benefits of 1-to-1 online maths tuition from just £1 per week

Truly impactful catch-up provision

TUTOR is the most complete and only mastery-based
online maths tuition

  • Delivered by expert maths educators
  • Specific to each individual pupil's needs
  • Constantly diagnosing and updating prerequisite knowledge
  • ​Genuinely complementing school learning
  • ​Providing actionable data for use in class
  • ​Able to cover any  aspect of mathematics, from numeracy to further Maths
  • Provides real time analysis & reports
  • Indicates progress and level of maths, as well as identifying gaps in knowledge
  • Gives teachers what they need to support classroom learning

School Maths intervention made easy​

TUTOR helps teachers



"I think I can speak on behalf of the whole department when I say that TUTOR has exceeded our expectations, we think it’s amazing!"

Jon O'Neil, Sir James Smith School

“This has helped reinforce my understanding of foundation maths and made sure I don’t make mistakes in my working out.”

Pupil Testimonial


“It’s a great source of revision to go over previous topics, as well as going into more detail on them. In addition, the introduction of new topics prepare you for what A Level Maths will be like.“

Pupil Testimonial

Tailored tuition, for every pupil

Informed by their unique gaps in knowledge and taking into account their ongoing attainment

Truly impactful complementary
education benefitting all pupils developed by expert maths educators

Instead of just 15 hours with an unqualified teacher and little to no communication between tuition and the classroom...

Imagine giving your pupils unlimited time with a highly experienced teacher who is expert in each child's developmental stageand who will return you actionable data on their progress and curriculum understanding.

With TUTOR all your pupils can benefit from tuition, not just a select few.

Why we are 
doing it

TUTOR believes that every child has mathematical potential.

We do not accept the oft-held belief that some pupils cannot be successful in Maths. Yes they can, every one of them.

Disadvantaged pupils are being failed by the current national provision. Without a suitable alternative, we have decided to make something that works.

What sets 
TUTOR apart

• Teacher-delivered expert instruction at correct developmental phase

• Detailed diagnostic data of curriculum coverage

• Monitoring data for quality assurance

• Individualised and optimised
 pathways through topics 

From only £1 per week!

5 Things to expect 
from TUTOR

• Specific to the pupil (personalised)

• Delivered by a maths pedagogical expert

• Informed by current attainment & misunderstandings

• Properly complementing school learning

• Able to cover any aspect of mathematics (responsive)

Ensuring impact for all pupils with your catch-up premium

TUTOR Teacher Webinar

Mark McCourt

CEO / Mastery Expert

Dominic Bristow

Director of Education
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